• CDRW

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    Jadgpanther - panther G, T-34M, M4 Composite(all 3 max lv/star). 320 SP, 36 N5, 1 S5 external lubricant, $2440000

    M26 Pershing - T26, sherman Mk-V, M22 (all 3 max lv/star) 452 test doll, 42 N6, 1 S5 special propellant, $4080000

    Panzer IV Ausf. H - PZ4F2, hetzer, PZ4D, 314 SP, 36 N5, 1 S5 internal active detector, $2370000

    M5A1 Stuart - M5, M6A2, M3, 356 test doll, 38 N5, 1 S5 internal lubricant, $2860000

    Panther Ausf. G- Panther A, 38t(d), T-34/76 (all max star and lv?) 368 SP, 38 N5, 1 S5 internal active detector $3010000

    Rhino (ATG) - Hummel, Fredinand, Jagdtiger (88mm), 25 tag, 167 SP, 28 N4, 1 S4 external spare tracks, $1260000

    Katyusha M13 - Katyusha M8, T-40/BM-8-24, T-33, 54 tag, 167 processor, 28 …

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  • Sir Redan

    Zone 2 data resource

    February 25, 2016 by Sir Redan

    blah blah
    s2 blah


    order and type(ammo type)
    name level

    Commander exp
    Metal maiden exp

    s1 Propellant (turret)
    s1 Armor Plate (Mod)
    M2 LT attire

    grass forest

    3 LAV(HE)
    3 Pythagoras lvl 8

    cmdr exp +530
    MM exp +39

    s1 Propellant (Turret)

    s1 Armor Plate (Mod)

    M2 LT attire

    grass forest


    1LAV (HE), 2 HT(HEAT), ATG(HE)


    2 copernicus


    cmdr exp +530

    MM exp +39

    Crusader mk-1 attire

    Churchill-III attire

    s1 propellant(turret)

    s1 Armor plate(Mod)

    s1 propellant(Mod)

    m2 LT attire

    Jagdpanzer IV prot. attire

    Sd.Kfz.251/10 attire

    MS-1 attire

    Stug-III ausf.A attire

    M2 MT attire

    Cruiser Mk-2 attire

    grass forest



    pythagoras, rabelais, debussy, copernicus 

    cmdr exp +865MM exp +40

    s1 Propellant (Turret)

    s1 Armor P…

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