T34E1 Calliope
Kerry Terence
T34E1 Calliope small
Type SPG big
Rarity Purple
Nation Freedonia
Live2D Not available

Personality Edit

Attributes Edit

T34E1 Calliope
Firepower 632 Piercing 232
HP 562 Armour 197
Accuracy 55 Evasion 60
Camouflage 55 Detection 55
Range 0
Max Rank Rank 2
Slots Turret small Mod small Mod small External small Internal small
Shells AP 2APDS 2HE 2RP 2
Engines H proof Silent
Chassis Angled Front Sloped Treads
Armour Light general
Talent Level
Cooking 2
Nursing 1
Sports 1
Special Attributes
Attribute Rank
Fire Resistance C
Crit Resistance A
Crit Damage Resist. A

Illustration Edit

T34E1 Calliope

Obtaining Edit

BWMG Depot

Level 1

Coin 229000
Resources Quantity Maidens Level
Test Doll 64 T34 Calliope
N2 Blueprint 13 Sherman MK-4 35
Evacuator S2 1

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